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Carrington Day x SC Insights - Lithium Industry Data

Unveiling the pure scale of opportunity within the Lithium and rare earth minerals industries in both China and the rest of the world, Carrington Day in pleased to annouce an exciting new partnership with SC Insights to present the best and latest data for the Lithium industry.


Carrington Day Announces Strategic Partnership with Supply Chain Insights

London, UK - Carrington Day, the leading provider of trade and investment solutions, is proud to announce its strategic partnership with Supply Chain Insights (SC Insights). The partnership will bring Carrington Day's extensive half-century network in China to a wealth of cutting-edge rare earth minerals suppliers, as well as provide opportunities for Chinese companies looking to expand their business abroad.

"The partnership with SC Insights represents a significant milestone in Carrington Day's journey," says Peter Arkell, Founder of Carrington Day. "We are proud to partner with a company that shares our values and commitment to providing the best possible service to our clients."

Thomas Arkell, New Business Development Director at Carrington Day, adds, "This partnership allows Carrington Day to open our entire half-century China network to a wealth of cutting edge rare earth minerals suppliers, as well as opportunities for Chinese companies looking to expand their business abroad."

The partnership with SC Insights is expected to bring significant benefits to Carrington Day's clients, including access to a wider range of high-quality suppliers, a more streamlined supply chain, and increased business opportunities in China and around the world.

About Carrington Day

Carrington Day is a leading provider of trade and investment solutions, offering a wide range of services to companies looking to expand their business globally. With a half-century of experience in China and a network of trusted partners and advisors, Carrington Day provides its clients with the support they need to succeed in the international marketplace.

About Supply Chain Insights

Supply Chain Insights (SC Insights) is a leading provider of supply chain management solutions, offering a comprehensive range of services to companies looking to improve their supply chain operations. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, SC Insights helps its clients achieve their supply chain goals and build long-term success.

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Lithium Price Forecast 2023 Q1 & Q2

Thomas Arkell writes for Carrington Day News - 2023-01-10


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