At its core, Carrington Day is a complete HR partner with a rare capability that crosses the business cultures of China and the West.

The team at Carrington Day first came together in the early 2000’s in Shanghai. The primary focus was those international companies seeking to enter the rapidly emerging Chinese market. That was built on identifying the best talent, through executive search, as well as more broad based HR consulting. That included salary advice, organizational development and the HR component in a due diligence assessment during M&A.

The lessons learned through the partnerships with international companies in China were soon applied to the outbound Chinese corporations. It was clear that there were many similarities to the challenges that they experienced in international markets, that had been confronting foreign companies as they built their China businesses.

Carrington Day has a blend of international and Chinese HR professionals with deep experience across the world and especially in China. Perhaps unique experience within the HR context.

Surveys of foreign companies in China and of Chinese companies seeking opportunities internationally, invariably rank their toughest challenge to be around the people issues. Finding and retaining talent, labour regulations, compensation, organizational development are all headaches that can make or break a business. And even more critically when in a business culture far from home.

The Carrington Day experienced team with many years of experience in China and abroad provides the safe pair of hands to help manage these issues.

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Peter Arkell writes for Carrington Day News - 2016-01-01


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